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For writers who have websites and their writing career greatly depends on their websites and blogs, ignoring the use of smart phones is not just a thing you can do and be fine. This blogpost is dedicated to all of you writers and bloggers out there who have blogs and websites and literally depend on content marketing to get to your audience.

Everyone is on their phone nowadays. Scrolling up and down without even trying to look up and say hi to the person sitting next to them. If my grandfather who died before phones were so popular would ever come back to life, he would just think that he had just entered a world where everybody is participating in a math contest.

He would just take the phones for upgraded calculators. Until some guy produces some really big headphones and proceeds to place them on his ears, cranks some music and then starts dancing holding his “upgraded calculator” up.

I am sure my grandfather would just get a heart attack and go back to his grave soonest as possible.

Okay scratch all that rumbling.

What I am trying to proof to you here is that the phones are taking over the internet.

Rarely do people nowadays use their computers to access the internet.

People will be accessing internet on the go, in the bus station, in the train station, inside the train as they head home and as they just walk on the side of the road.

The rate at which the number of internet users who are using their phones has grown can only tell you more about the future.

According to statcounter, the usage of smartphones between October 2009 and October 2016 was only at 44.4% as compared to the usage of desktops which was recoded to be 55.6%. In the UK. But as you will notice below, you will find out that the number of smart phone users is rising while the number of desktop users is dropping steadily:


Worldwide computers, as in desktops are accounting for only 48.7% of the internet traffic while the number of those accessing the internet through the use of smartphones is 51.3%. Here are the facts:



What does this mean to content marketers and bloggers?



What do I mean when I talk about making a website smartphone compatible?

I mean that you need to make sure that your website can be viewed on a smartphone without any hustle.

I mean that your website needs to be able to adjust depending on the type of device that it is being used to view it.

How do I do this?

  • Well, if you are using WordPress, what I would recommend for you is that you need to use a premium theme that is designed in such a way that it adjusts itself in relation to the size of the screen from which the website is being viewed.
  • If you don’t use WordPress, you can consider creating a mobile version of your website.
  • You can also use a mobile-first responsive design. In this approach, you redesign your site by deploying a mobile-first strategy using responsive web design practices. This requires planning about how it will be used on mobile devices – an exercise that helps prioritize what content goes on the site.


People who are visiting your website will mostly be using internet bundles. Which means that if your website is too slow, you are most likely wasting the visitors’ internet bundles. This is something that a lot of internet users hate. That is me included.

Data bundles and stuff like that aside, in general if your site takes more than 3seconds to load, I am assuring you that 90% of all the users who are trying to access your website through a smartphone are going to leave that website.

How do I test for the page load time of my website?

Here are the tools for testing:

After knowing that your site needs to improve its speed, how do you do it?

I could waste my time repeating everything that moz has clearly put up on their blog. I don’t want to waste my time. Here are the 15 tips for speeding up the loading of your blog.


You will agree with me that visitors who are visiting your website using smartphones have a reduced space as compared to their counterparts who are on huge computer screens. This calls for utilizing the limited space best.

A way for which you can be able to do this is through avoiding the use of banner ads that occupy too much of the screen. Otherwise your readers will fail to get good access on the information that had brought them to your website and may leave and never come back.

If you have to use banner ads, make sure that they are responsive such that they will respond in relation to the size of the screen that your viewer is currently using. Or better yet, consider doing what the big boys are doing…

Instead of using banner ads, use native ads, just like Facebook is doing.

Confused about what banner ads are?

Go to Facebook and look at their ads.

An ad that is on Facebook looks like Facebook and behaves like Facebook.

So, the ads that you put on your website should look like your website and behave like the website.

That way, the smartphone user will not feel like he or she is being obstructed from viewing the information on your website.

When your ads are native, your website visitors will not ignore them as compared to when your ads look completely different from what is on your website.

Also know that when we are talking about mobile phones and smartphones, we are talking about millennials here. Now if there is something that millennials have come across all their lives is this act of advertising. They therefore distrust ads. They also view major co-operations as greedy and out rightly driven by their need for profit. That is why content marketing that is dominated by the use of ads will not work for them.

Instead create useful content and make sure that the act of trying to sell often comes as a secondary thing.


There is a significant difference in the sizes of screens between the desktops and smartphones.

Therefore, content produced considering that the majority of viewers will be viewing from a smartphone should have the following qualities:

  • Optimize your headlines: these need to be shorter as compared to those that are used with wider screens.
  • You must use mobile SEO: It has been proven through research that people who use smartphones are more inclined to take an action as compared to those who search when using a desktop. Also, searchers using mobile phones are more specific on what they need. Thus, when you are writing your content, make sure to be very specific. For example, let’s assume that you are writing reviews for phones. Be very specific in the model and make of that specific type of phone that you are writing a review for. That is:

Instead of:



This allows you to get your business on the local map. This you can do using google my Business. This will make it easier for mobile users to discover you.


As opposed to emails, SMS does not require a data connection to receive or send.

Smartphone users always have them handy and will never fail to check on a text message once received. 41% of mobile phone users use text messages to communicate. That is why use of SMS for marketing will be coming in handy.


Make sure that your menu is easily accessible and can be viewed quite easily on a mobile device.

This isn’t in particular a problem that people who use premium themes and a content management system like WordPress have.

If you created your site from scratch, make sure you hire a web developer and a person with a deeper knowledge in mobile design to work on your website to make sure that it is easily navigable.

The cost involved is nothing as compared to the fruits that you will be reaping in the long run.


Nearly 80% of all the time that is spent on social media is spent on mobile phones.

That is a lot of time focused on social media that is coming from smartphone users.

This means that if you aim to rock your content marketing career, you will need to take a great interest on these social media networks.

Speaking of social networks, there are a lot of social networks that are out there.

According to statista, the most popular social networking site, the one that gets the most engagement is Facebook. The number of social media users is expected to grow from 2.34billion users back in 2016 to 2.95 billion users in 2020. This is more than a third of the total world population.

The average amount of time spent on social media has increased. This means there is no better time to take your content marketing efforts to social media.

According to lifewire the following are the most popular social networking sites as of 5th September 2017:

  • Facebook: Facebook has a traffic of 2 billion monthly users who are active and more than 1 billion that log on daily. Facebook messenger is the second most popular messaging app behind WhatsApp.
  • Twitter: this is known as the real time microblogging network where news break first. Twitter boasts a monthly traffic of 328million users.
  • LinkedIn: This is a social network that is actually focused on professionals. According to fortune LinkedIn has half a billion users. LinkedIn also has about 227 million monthly users.
  • Google+: Google+ is owned by google. In the late 2015 a brand new google+ was rolled out to put more emphases on communities and collections features to help differentiate the platform from Facebook. Of course, as you can possibly guess, no one wanted another Facebook clone. According to global media insights, about 2.2billion google+ user profiles are in the google+ database and out of those about 440million users are active monthly. 73.7% are male while the remaining percentage of 26.7% are female.
  • YouTube: this is the largest video website. After google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine. According to fortune lords, the total number of people that use YouTube is 1.3billion, about 300hrs of video are uploaded each and every minute, almost 5billion videos are watched on YouTube each and every single day. The site has 30million visits per day and that translates to about 1billion visitors per month.
  • Instagram: this is one of the most popular social networks for photo and short video sharing that the mobile web has ever seen. It’s a leading brand advertisement social networking site where influencers are already using it to earn cash from. According to fool Instagram has 700million users active monthly.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is major player both in social networking and search. Pinterest has proven that visual content is very important. Pinterest is the first standalone website that has reached 10million monthly users. Pinterest is now featuring buy buttons on pins that have been pinned by retailers hence is becoming a huge influencer in social shopping.
  • Tumblr: Tumblr appeals to young adults and teens and is also prominent in social blogging and visual content. According to statista, Tumblr has more than 345million registered accounts and has already had more than 748million unique visitors worldwide. Majority of the traffic comes from the US. Tumblr users have already generated 148billion posts on the platform.
  • Snapchat: this is a social networking app that thrives on instant messaging and is totally mobile based. According to expanded rambling, Snapchat has a total of 166million daily active users.


It is very clear that mobile phones and smartphones are big in this field of content marketing. Utilize the above tips and you will find your marketing getting better and better.

If you think that there is something that I should have said but you have noticed that I didn’t, please tell me about it in the comments below.


  1. Wow. Thanks for this data. I thought email marketing was the most important part of promoting your business on the internet. Now you got me thinking. I should make adjustments to my marketing processes. Thank-you for your insights shared.

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