Criticism. Don’t we all abhor it? Critics? Don’t we all hate them? Well, today I am here to change you and your mentality towards these two things: critics and criticism. Once you go through this blog post you will never look at the two the same again. In fact, you will start hugging your critics more. You will start welcoming criticism even more. You will find yourself always looking for criticism because as it is, you will understand that criticism is not a bad thing. In fact it’s an advantage.

I will give you a short background about me and my blogging journey. Because this is not my first blog. I started my first blog which was free hosted on The blog had been fueled by the need to air out my opinion. By the way, I am not encouraging you to start a free hosted blog on No. As I wrote before, here, I informed each and every one that you are not a blogger until you own your blog. A quick tip here, starting your own blog is not that costly.

Okay, back to my story, I had actually started that blog in order to speak out my opinions. But you know what? I never did what I intended to do with the blog. As a matter of fact, that blog was full of bullshit. Bullshit that I thought that my readers would enjoy and not what I believed in.

Each time I sat down and decided to write a blog post I would find my mind trying to figure out what my readers would think about what I wrote.

Would they think I am dumb for writing this?

Will they despise me?

Will they start trashing my blog every chance they get?

This line of thought just left me helpless in choosing what kind of content I wanted to put on that blog. My fingertips were always frozen in fear each time I tried to type in words on my computer.

Did you know what that fear did to me? It made my writing shit. It made it useless. It made me worse as a writer than I even started. I finally took the blog down. I was not getting any traffic as to encourage me to keep on writing.

People can sniff bullshit from a mile away. That is why they never bothered with reading my blog. Flash forward to May 2017 when I started this blog. I decided to let off my fear of criticism and critics and decided to write from the bottom of my heart.

Hiding nothing. Writing as naturally without trying to wear a mask in order to make myself look good in front of my audience.

And do you know what happened?

I start meeting up with various comments and opinions about what I write.

Emails started flying in my inbox. And they are like:

You shouldn’t write that again. It was totally insulting to me! I hate you!”

Despite these flying into my inbox, people were loving my blog. I started getting my first comments ever from people I had never met. I was no longer afraid of checking my google analytics like with my first blog.

I did not ignore the negative comments that flew into my inbox. I used these constructively to be able to write a better and more interesting blog post each next time I sat to write.

Do you know what I really found out? I found out that I was really dumb with my first blog.

“Why the hell did I try to hind my true self from my audience? Why did I fear the criticism?” I had to ask myself.

From the inputs that I was getting from my readers, I was actually learning what to do to improve my writing.

Okay, some of the emails are really messy. But there are people that are always like that. I call them vampires. They derive their value from sucking blood from others. Those are the people that a typical writer should ignore. Learn whatever lesson you can learn from them. Even if it is just to get to know that you don’t ever need to be an asshole to anyone.

As a writer, you will never get to improve your art when you try to avoid critics and criticism as much as possible.

You can never amount to anything worthwhile in life if you don’t have the nerve to take blows from critics and naysayers.

You can choose to tread carefully, stay in the safe zone, write and then never release your work.

But will it ever help you?

I will leave that an answered. I know you can answer that for yourself.

Get that piece of writing out there. Let it be trashed, let people talk about how useless you are as a writer. Let them say that you will never make anything of yourself in this life or the next. Let them say that they would never buy your work. Let them swear that they will kill you when they find you anywhere in the city.

Pick what is important from whatever they are saying. Walk away with that. Go do some more writing and release it to the same people that criticized you for them to do some more criticism.

In the end, you gain.

You get to know where you need to add something. You know where you need to reduce the next time you write.

Still not convinced that you don’t need to fear your critics yet?

You convinced that critics and criticism are awesome and are part of this puzzle that we call life yet?


Why then don’t you go and do some more writing and then release it for criticism?

Well, hold on, before you go, I would like you to tell me what you thought about this blog post. Do it in the comments.

Happy writing and happy listening to critics!



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