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If you are a writer, you will probably agree with me that writing is never enough.

After you have spent hundreds of hours writing and rewriting, editing and re-editing then you have to get to know how to sell your work. Be it a novel, a short story or even a non-fiction book.

And that is where marketing comes in. Today I will be telling you about power words.

Words are not created equally.

But I bet that you already know that. Or don’t you?

Why is it that when you tell someone that you love them it brings a lot of emotions?

I will tell you. It is because the word love has some kind of power over people.

When it comes to content marketing, the words that you use will contribute to how much you convert your content readers into loyal customers.

Now you are completely intrigued. Hold on. Don’t you get confused. I got you. This blog post will be covering it all and leaving you without anything to go and look for elsewhere. I will be giving the words in English that you can use to generate more leads and this you will be doing through convincing your readers to take action.

I don’t want to keep you stuck in this introduction part. I know that you are dying to get to the part where you get to discover these awesome selling words.

Who is ready to make a sale today?

Of course, you do…


1.    YOUR/ YOU

Ever noticed how boring a conversation can get when the person you are talking to just takes every available opportunity to talk about himself or herself. It’s like you are just a robot that should be completely disregarded.

The conversation will be something like:

Dude, you know what, I did this… I did that… I bought that coffee machine… hold on, I am not yet finished with telling you what I have been up to last night… I met this awesome girl and I think she might be into me… I am looking fabulous…”

That sucks. Right?

I know. I have experienced it before in my life.

That is what happens when you fail to use the power word your.

Look, People want to know that you are thinking about them. To prove that, there is no better way than to make everything about them. That is where the word your comes in.

A perfect example for using this keyword is the comparison between these two sentences:

  • Bloggers and writers need to sign up for my newsletter to get tips to level up their careers.
  • You need to sign up for my newsletter to get tips for leveling up your writing career.

Which one of the above two sentences that you will most likely click on?

I would click on the second one. It feels like the writer is talking to me. Just by the use of the power words you and your has changed everything.

Just by using the word the word You in their homepage CTA, Shopify was able to grow their annual income by $184.1 million.

2.    NEW

I will admit it.

I love being on the cutting edge of things.

It’s not only me. A lot of human beings also like the idea of hearing things first.

If you still are not believing me on this one, let me ask you a question:

Why do you think breaking news are so damn popular?

Research has already proved that the perceived newness of a product increases the sales of a product.

I tried using the word new with my blog posts that I posted on twitter. You know what? More people engaged with the content that I posted.

3.    NOW

This is one of the power words that create urgency. This will make the users feel like they need to act right at that moment or they will never get the chance again.

 A lot of companies are using this word to boost their conversion rates and hence boosting their sales.

Urgency sells.

That is the reason companies are nowadays are including some kind of a timer on their sales page.

4.    OFF

You have already witnessed this.

Ecommerce websites are using it day in day out.

Get a 50% off after you purchase products worth more than a given price

Who wouldn’t to exploit an opportunity where we get to save some cash?

The word off also is among the power words that promote a sense of urgency and hence triggering people to act right at the moment in order to exploit the deal while it is still available.


People will like popular things.
Put in the words “best sellers” on your product description will make people get interested in the product that you are offering.

As long as it is popular, that means that there is some value to be gained from it. Right?

If a novel comes from a writer who has the title best seller on him, don’t you think that it will make more sales than a novel that just originated from a totally new and unknown author?

Any time you are selling something, be sure to use these two power words together and rock your sales.

6.    FREE

This word has got people going crazy.

Everyone wants something that is free.

In an experiment, a researcher at Duke university by the name of Dan Ariely surveyed 76 people in a line to go and get a free tattoo.

It turned out that 68% of the 76 people in the line wouldn’t have gotten a tattoo if it was not free.

You might be wondering where you are supposed to use the word free since you will not be offering your products or services for free and still expect to make any profit at all.

Good question.

Do you collect emails for your future engagement with your customers?


Offer something free and notice a spike in the number of email sign ups that you will be getting.


People like to be given reasons as to why the need to do something.

A researcher did a research at Harvard University to just confirm this.

What he did is that he tested different wording to ask students who were standing in a line on their way to the Xerox machine for a chance to cut the line.

Here are the different wordings that he used:

  • #1: Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine?”
  • #2: “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I am in a hurry?”
  • #3: “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox because I have to make copies?”

What were the results?

  • Only 60% of the students complied in the #1 since the researcher did not use the word because
  • In the #2 and #3, 94% and 93% complied respectively.
  • Notice, the students didn’t care whether the reason behind the word because was totally bullshit as in the #3.

Try using the word because in marketing campaigns and watch as your sales grow.


People are never in the mood for delay.

They are always in the rush to get to the next phase of their life.

24hours a day are not enough anymore.

People want to know that whatever they are purchasing is not going to take them forever to get it. That is why the word Instantly is among the top selling power words. Everyone wants to know that when they order for that eBook from your online shop that it won’t take forever to land on their computer.

But don’t take advantage of your customers and just use this word untruthfully. Remember Loyalty comes first in everything. Tell the truth. Don’t lie for the sake of making sales.

Remember: you can only fool a customer once.


Everyone wants to be amazed.

“This word triggers memories of amazement and the joy we felt when we were amazed. It’s that joy that we want over and over again,”- Dale Furtwengler.

Customers don’t want a book that is merely good. They want something that will wow them. Something that they will feel connected to as they are reading. That is why the word amazing will stir their interest any time you use it to pitch your sales.


This will put your possible readers in an optimistic mindset by asking them to imagine.

It’s this imagination that will possibly carry away these possible readers into possibly getting your book.

11. SAVE

This is a word that is related to the word off.

Come on. Who does not like to be able to save some of their hard-earned cash?

It’s not only money they want to save. They also want to save their time.

How will that book help them on saving? Know what they can save and use that to include the word save in the sales pitch.


See how people line up to get the latest iPhone?

The reason is that the latest iPhone is easy to use.

Tell your potential buyers that whatever book you are selling them is not going to be a nightmare while they are reading it.

They need to know that so that they can buy it and get to understand it simply. In short, you will need to know how to use the word simple as a power word.


I know that most people hate marketing.

But the tough truth remains.

No single company can ever stand without the act of marketing being put into place.

Learn the importance of these power words and how to use them to increase your book sales and maybe, email signups if you already have a website.

I know my readers are enlightened people.

And thus, I am inviting you all to share what you already know in the comments below.

Happy marketing!


Note: You can get a pdf version of this post here.

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